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PLUS (adult)

PLUS (adult)

The new PLUS (adult) survey, and associated guidance, was launched to members in July 2012. The new survey carries forward a significant number of questions from 2009 and prior years that allow for comparison over time. New questions have been introduced into the main body of the survey and also into the demographic section. These new demographic questions will allow you to profile your users in greater detail. Other new questions relate to usage of visitors own computers and the means by which they travelled to the area. We have also strengthened the question around their relationship with the library.

Existing members can download the guidance from the subscriber's area, see link below, of our website. Library authorities wishing to obtain access will need to renew their membership. Please contact our subscriptions team at for assistance.

We are also running a series of training courses at our London offices throughout September. For further information about these courses please contact

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