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Consultation with users and stakeholders helps build the picture of how services are perceived, used and can be improved to better meet customer needs. The Research team help organisations to understand the needs of existing, lapsed or prospective clients by undertaking surveys using a range of methods.

We have questionnaires for surveys that can be used 'off the shelf', alternatively we can tailor research programmes depending on your exact requirements. Our clients can choose between a range of surveys such as the Public Library Users Survey for either adults or children, the Public Services Quality Group of the National Council on Archives' Survey of Visitors to UK Archives, or our Housing and Council Tax Benefit Survey. Alternatively we can undertake 'custom projects' for consultation with the wider community including the housebound, non-service users, internal clients, external clients and staff.

Increasingly our surveys are being used not just to measure satisfaction but as the means by which to market services to existing and potential service users, to identify the cost / benefit of a service and to produce evidence of Value for Money.

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PLUS National Report

PLUS National Report

The first in a series of reports is now available to PLUS subscribers in respect of surveys undertaken in the financial period 2009-10. The first report is a detailed breakdown by authority of all questions contained in the survey.

  • The Manual of Guidance, Audit Trails, Non-ethnic questionnaire and associated documents are now available in the Document Area which can be found on the Subscriber's Area page.

  • Copies of the PLUS questionnaire for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now available in the following formats : Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portugese, Punjabi, Russian and Urdu.

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